Friday, October 2, 2009

Two great videos from

Here's the famous footage of the Apollo 15 astronaut that dropped a hammer & feather on the moon to prove Galileo's theory that in the absence of atmosphere, objects will fall at the same rate regardless of mass.


When the batter hits the ball, a base operator turns on one of the two bases (first or third) for the batter to run to. If she or he touches the base before one of the fielders can pick up the ball, his or her team scores a run. It takes 4 strikes for a batter to be out. If the ball goes beyond the two base lines or doesn't travel at least 40 feet, it is foul and counted as a strike unless it is the potential fourth strike, when the batter just swings again. If the ball ceases to beep and becomes a "dead ball" the strike count is reset and the batter swings again. A dead ball must not be touched. If it is, it is said to be back in play and the runner must be put out. (Wikipedia)

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