Friday, October 9, 2009

A few pictures from Montreal

Once every year or two a few of us try to make a weekend trip up to Montreal. A bit of a smaller group this time around, and definitely not as intense (thankfully!), and much more fun than usual!

Jeremy and Dharam, arriving in style.

First stop; obviously St. Hubert's.

Adam asked me once if there was any main advantage to the iphone over the blackberry. I give you this: St. Hubert's iphone app.

After some walking we went to beautiful Le Sainte-Elisabeth bar, with their 45 meter high ivy covered terrace...

There was a dude going around raising money for his wedding (or beers) by selling off lollipops. We all got one. Not all of us decided to put it in our hair.

We ended up staying there for a while...

Outside, glamour shots of the group!

ugh... those grins..

Dharam - lead singer and song writer; we're actually called Dharam and the jerks.
Jeremy - Bassist that scores all the groupies.
Kari - Vocals and tambourine; the only reason why anyone listens us.
Adam - Guitarist that has three solo records on the side and the only one actually making money.
Peter - No talent drummer who previously played for a garage band (in a garage) in Penetanguishene.

Wait! one last late addition to the band list!

Afterwards we decided to regroup at the hotel for a bit and look up a good place to eat dinner.

Kari helping Adam find a good place to eat on what's called 'the internet'.

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