Friday, October 9, 2009

Polish festival, plus a few randoms...

The Polish Festival on Roncesvalles. Jeremy and I hit the day party hard. Then we danced the night away (with a few more friends) at 317 Ronces; lucky no pictures of that.

Early indication? Thumbs up.

Donna and Chris hitting the pavement, shaking hands.

Which way is up?

Lunch. Only cheese pierogi here, but two types!


Camera strap.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Tony Cauch, my banker and excellent friend! Fine job today, and everyday as part of the Ronces BA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my mom!

Crawling down west.

Later, back at the festival...

The next day..

.. and maybe a few days later. Went to the Jay game with my cousin Jack. Tried the wings at the park; pretty good>.. preeety goood. Tried the dry rub and ones with a super sauce.. Louisiana something something?.. Although the dry rubs came highly recommended, the Louisiana's ones won me over.




Back at home...

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