Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grey Cup 2009 - Calgary montage

2009 Grey Cup, this year in Calgary. Next year in Edmonton. The year after that, Vancouver. I figure Hamilton sees it 2015 and 2016.

Below, both expressions nailed.

Yeah, we ate there.

Winnipeg party (I'm still not sure if I'm more comfortable writing above or below the picture).

Looks pretty much how you imagined it, right?

Cherry Suede played! I would link to their site, but apparently my virus checker says not to. My virus checker really hit the nail on the head.

I have approximately 20 photos of Derek standing with random dudes in helmets.

Shoom gets his game on.

Leaving the Winnipeg party. Apparently 3 inches had fallen during Cherry Suede - I'll leave the punchline to you.

At the Argos party...

At the good Argos party. Free boudoir shots, and drinks.

This picture honestly needs no further explanation. What is happening here is exactly what it looks like.

Apparently we hug a lot...

The next morning. Derek got us up at 7 am everyday. This is us ready to go.

Schooners party! Mythical team, magical party.

Fans also get "Screeched in" Newfoundland style, having to kiss a cod fish and then swallow the harsh drink. There's a 25th anniversary Atlantic Schooners pin this year and the team that never hit the field also has merchandise for sale. (from here)

The Mudmen! Hit song? "Drink and Fight". They are the best band you'll never hear. Wait, that is entirely not true. You will hear them at some point.

Shoom did manage to pick up a Schooners hat! The claws work with the draw strings!

Adam randomly hit by a crazed Sask fan.

Yeah, apparently we not only like to hug, we like to high five and hug at the same time. I apparently like to blog about it.

And giggle... we like to giggle.

Yeah.. they like to giggle too!

This is what we saw of Calgary.

Back inside, this is where we watched the game. Yes, we didn't actually go to Calgary to attend the game. Just the parties, thank you.

Probably reading what Adam just tweeted.

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