Monday, January 18, 2010

Buster Rhino's

Jordan rallied the troops for a feasting at Buster Rhino's (Southern Ribs) this Saturday. I'll leave the description of how great the place is to Cladam, who can actually write:

Whitby may be a long drive to satisfy barbecue cravings, but it takes a lot longer to drive south of the Mason-Dixon line, and this is the closest you’re going to come to that culinary experience. Rhino’s doesn’t look like much—a converted space in the middle of an industrial outpost with a “hillbilly fire alarm” bag of popcorn dangling from the ceiling. In fact, it’s not even primarily a restaurant; much of the space is used to prepare meats for supplying to other restaurants. In the front, owner Darryl Koster—who’s become a cult hero among local ’cue fanatics—dishes out his wares, cafeteria-style, in takeout containers. But the food more than makes up for the presentation: the ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket are all smoked to perfection. The spice rub alone offers more than enough complement to the meat; the peppery house-made barbecue sauce is barely necessary, though we recommend buying a bottle to take home. Come on a Thursday or Friday evening, when the ribs are fresh out of the smoker, and you may consider immigrating to the burbs. But do not, under any circumstances, complain about the white bread used for your sandwich; that’s how they do it in the South, and Koster wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having taken out from there a few times, I can say that even their freezer products are fucking amazing. Eating their stuff as it just exits their smoker is entirely a different level though.

Jordan found this: Basically a sitting to sample small servings of some of the best Buster offerings.

Our sitting consisted of:

Kool-aid pickles

Candied bacon (pretty good... Very crispy, slightly dried and sweetened bacon.)

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers
- Ok.. these were fucking awesome. The best part of the tasting.

Bacon explosion - Sausage interweaved with bacon. Can't type, salivating.

Pulled pork sandwich
- always delicious, with or without their sauce.

Brisket sandwich
- I'm now liking the brisket more than the pulled pork - basically, it's perfect.

Ribs and hushpuppies - the ribs made me cry.

Bacon apple pie
- really good. The apple pie was fantastic, the bacon made it phenomenal.

Smoked Mars bar - like cold Mars bars, with a strong smokey smell, and a hint of flavour.

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