Monday, January 18, 2010

Curious George Learns A Hard Lesson About Desire

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Ahh.. Herzog... what a lovely voice you have.

HERZOGFEST - a screening, every second Tuesday of some of the Herzog's full-length works, paired with one of his shorter films,with a guest introduce each evening. The events will be free of charge, and take place in the back room at The Ossington. Popcorn will be provided free of charge as well.

January 19th

Introduction by

Blake Fitzpatrick
Graduate Program Director, Documentary Media (MFA)
Ryerson University


1977 documentary film

Herzog visits an island on which a volcano is about to erupt. The pretext of this film was provided when Herzog "heard about the impending volcanic eruption, that the island of Guadeloupe had been evacuated and that one peasant had refused to leave, [he] knew [he] wanted to go talk to him and find out what kind of relationship towards death he had" .

1992 documentary

An apocalyptic vision featuring the oilwell fires in Kuwait after the Gulf-War, as a whole world burst into flames. This film is stylized as science fiction, as there is not a single shot in which you can recognize our planet.

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