Monday, February 8, 2010

Jowi Taylor speaks tonight

MASS LBP is pleased to announce MASS Talk no. 8 with Jowi Taylor

During his decade-long tenure at CBC Radio, Jowi Taylor was host, writer and co-producer of such notable series as Global-Village, The Wire (winner of a 2006 Peabody Award, and AWESOME), The Nerve (currently re-running Sunday nights on Radio Two, and right up my alley) and Invisible Cities.

Jowi's independent project Six String Nation explores history, geography, identity and the shifting parameters of Canadian culture through the lens not just of music but of one very special guitar.

Please join host MASS LBP and Jowi Taylor in a discussion about what his work has revealed about the nature of Canadian identity.

Direct link to free tickets:

I've seen Jowi speak before when he released his Six String Nation book, and even shared the pleasure and privilege of a road trip down to NYC with him and his loving woman Sarah. I can guarantee you a special Monday evening here. Print your free ticket from the link above as space is limited, and see you there.

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