Monday, March 22, 2010


Last night the family got our first opportunity to play Settlers of Catan IN REAL LIFE. So far I've just played on the iphone, and although the game is great either way, playing with people was (obviously) definitely better as, ummm, is the case with most things. There are two more online Catan resources. First, if you want to practice in front of your computer against computer opponents, go here. It's a Java version; no downloads and instant access.

Second, you can play against other actual live people online here. There is a program you have to install to participate, so not sure what that's like yet, but I'm pretty sure it's straight forward. My one outstanding question would be if you can you choose to play against specific people? Not sure with the free version.

Finally, there do seem to be plans for a Settlers facebook game... Here's a interview with Klaus Tueber, the Catan designer, at Cannes about a week ago.

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