Thursday, March 11, 2010

So... when to start the Plaskett/Thrush Hermit build-up?


New Canadian Anthem? When I went to the last Thrush Hermit show here in Toronto a few years back they played this and I wouldn't be surprised if they played it again.

Oh. So. Good.

BTW, Classified won Rap/Hip-Hop single track recording a night or two ago for Anybody Listening at the ECMA. Joel Plaskett featured on one of the songs on Class' record, which is pretty fucking great. Here's the Classified/Plaskett album track "One Track Mind". Audio set to a pro-death penalty rally video in Poland. Yeah.

Umm.. that entire Classified album is pretty legit. I feel bad portraying it in that (Poland death penalty rally) light, cuz I have no idea what they have to do with one another (musical/lyrical interpretation is pretty great).

Album torrent, which I highly recommend, Download it here (60 seeders, btw...). Also, the wiki entry for Class, and a link from a previous blog entry in April 2009.

Oh, and the song Class won the ECMA award for? A Phil Collins/Genesis remix. That's right JT. We are not alone. This shit rocks.

In a recent interview with Brad Wheeler:

I've always been a fan of Phil Collins's music. I don't even think it's about that, though. We took the sample, we cut it up a little, but I think there's so much more to the track than just the Phil Collins stuff. It's a catchy little hook in the back - I get that. But now let me say something with my song.

You're talking about making rap music, and how therapeutic the process is. Does it matter if anybody's listening? I'm definitely doing it for myself. But at the same time, I don't know how much I'd do it if I didn't think anybody was paying attention. I've thought about this. If I quit music, would I still do music? I might. But would I spend hours editing, making sure everything was right? All that extra stuff is the stuff that means I want people to hear this exactly how I picture it in my head.

Ok, and one more from Classified. "Quit While You're Ahead" featuring Choclair, Maestro and Moka Only.

And to end it (for now), probably the most beautifully, gorgeous, Thrush Hermit/Joel Plaskett song ever. If you ever hear this live I challenge you to not to be emotionally scared for the rest of your life. The last song on the last Thrush Hermit release, Clayton Park.

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