Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The National

So, went to the National show last night. ummm.. Way better than I thought it was gonna be, and I had pretty fair expectations going in. Not only were they tight, but they played their hearts out, and 2.5 hours later Massey Hall left smiling.

Before the show I met up with Adam, Jay and Kat at the
Osteria Ciceri e Tria on Victoria which was pretty fantastic. Remember tapas?> Small? Too expensive? Unimaginative? Well, here we had 5 different italian homemade 'tapas' for $15 within a basically 7 course meal for $35. Moreover, everyday they change their menu based on what they feel like/what they have in the kitchen. For example, the fish, a salted cod in lingunie and the cuttlefish (not really a fish) was pretty tasty tonight. On top of that, the company was as excellent as expected.

I read over their menu before I headed over, and I posted it on my other new blog, shit from today. Yeah, I know. I don't do a very good job of keeping up with this blog. But, the reasoning (in my mind) is that for me this is a more in depth voice. I want to put time into what I chat about here. On that other one, I figure I'm just gonna post shit that isn't google reader worthy but is something that I learned that day. Hence the post totally about the Osteria Ciceri e Tria particular day menu and things I didn't know about; a sort of what I read/learned today thing.

Anyway, after that Massey Hall and the National we all ended up at the Betz (Cool way of saying Sweaty Betty's kids) where the band showed up, along with HAYDEN!!!... So yeah, I had a drink behind, along side, and in front of Hayden. I never got up the nerve to talk to him, nor would I know what to talk to him about.. (Hey, remember that time when you were in Kingston like 9 years ago?.. and you played at a place called the Trash?.. yeah... I know, stupid name.. Anyway, a friend and I showed up extra early before your show that night and you were eating spaghetti there in the corner, and we, yeah, it was surprisingly good there, eh?.. anyway, we stopped by and chatted you up about your new album Skyscrapper National Park... Anyway, yeah, it was a packed night that night, and, where was this story going?... oh yeah.. it was a packed night that night and then you sang "Skates"... yeah.. that's it. It was magic. Oh, btw, congrats on Cuff the Duke, and also, I think you live in my neighbourhood.... yeah... I've seen you leaving your house and stuff... ). Geez I love that guy's music. But yeah, great night all around

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