Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jeremy, our research has been done for us

Where to watch the World Cup in Toronto

Jer and I have discussed watching World Cup games this year with the local supporters at their local bars. It seems like a good way to not only experience the game, but chat it up with the fans, hang out in a potentially different neighbourhood than we normally would, and get involved a little bit more.

BlogTO posted the above link with some suggestions on where to watch who. I think we still may want to do a bit of our own research for back to back matches, and we probably don't want to return to the same place twice if possible, and some will work, and some will obviously not, but this is a great start.

For example:

Mexico - Group A
v South Africa, June 11, 10:00
v France, June 17, 2:30
v Uruguay, June 22, 10:00

El Jacal offers some of the most tasty and authentic Mexican in the city, so it only makes sense that they would play host to fans of "El Tri". The place is pretty small, but they will have multiple TV's and a large projector set up. If you want a real Mexican soccer experience, this is where you want to be.

Holland - Group E
v Denmark, June 14, 7:30
v Japan, June 19, 7:30
v Cameroon, June 24, 2:30

Betty's is typically full of George Brown students but during the World Cup, Betty's will bleed Oranje out onto the streets. A huge patio in the back, brunch menu and numerous TV's make this a go-to destination. Wear Orange and brace yourself.

.. and Serbia, which is obviously in a night club on the Queensway.

Serbia - Group D
v Ghana, June 13, 10:00
v Germany, June 18, 7:30
v Australia, June 23, 2:30

Zam is bar/nightclub on the Queensway but during the day it will play host to Serbian supporters with 3 tv's and 1 big projector. They will be showing all the games except those at 7:30 in the morning. The facebook page states a dress code but I think anything in red or white will do.

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