Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pill, 50 years later

Accelerating women's rights in the 1960-70s? Oh yeah.. I think so. But, what about today?

This Agenda episode (with my friend Kate!) discusses not only the history of the pill's influence on North American women , which undebatably it has had, but also jumps into current hormonal studies, women's rights, your rights, society as a whole, politics (don't worry, only a bit ;), men (don't worry, etc...), and educated choices. Also, you get to see a very awkward feeling Steve Paikin, at least initially... very rare! Anyway, brilliant chapter of a superb and unique program. Watch.

Let me jump right in. In my opinion if I had the ability to get pregnant and didn't want to at the moment I would not use the pill. I can't wait until this spawns into the man vs. woman debate. Anyway, I would use a 99% effective IUD. Mirena IUDs are considered 99% effective (not saying I would use that one.. ). I'm not trusting the internet to that claim, ask your/a doctor. Other coil IUDs are 99% effective when used properly, and again, ask your doctor.

There is no good reason why any Can/USA/etc?* woman should be taking birth control pills at this point in time, I feel, other than for health reasons*. In fact there may be a few great reasons why they shouldn't be.

*this topic is potentially so.large.

First, this whole deal with the arrest of your muscle growth while on the pill*. This sounds pretty fucking serious to me, especially long term. There seems to be about a 60% deduction in growth of your muscle mass while on the pill, as compared to normal growth. This is not unlike what happens while you are pregnant (i.e., body resources go toward the fetus and not your body growth).

*Kate's Macleans article

Second, not trying to sound like a nut case, but the pill may change ones' consciousness / emotions through a temporary hormone imbalance, and therefore short and long term mate choices.

Third, IUDs and pulling out are quite fucking effective. I know that I do not need to look it up to say they're 99% effective ( There is no reason for the pill! IUDs fucking work. Maybe you think it's old, but shit... they fucking work! If you're scared ask a new fucking doctor! Ask me anonymously for a new male or female doctor that will take you with no questions. Get a new free stupid hotmail accout and email me here.

Fourth, great point by Judy (in the video) at the end there regarding the effectiveness of the pill and the statistics not including stillbirths and abortions. Not sure if that changes with IUDs (not sure how it would), but still; probably a significant number/stats are missing from the true numbers. I'd say up to 20%.

Fifth, cancer. I could go into the morning looking at medical evidence of positive vs. negative (long term) side effects of the pill, but I don't think I need to. Yes, there are studies that show immediate positive side effects of the pill, however, they seem quite immediate/young/questionable. Doing minimal research, it seems (surprisingly) to have varying effects. Roll the dice. Or, you don't have to.

Sixth, it's pushed by a lot of doctors, especially for young girls. Good right? Generally, if I may say off the back of my ass, I feel GPs are not given any new research within the birth control pill area... as far as I understand. I am most certainly wrong, but basically I see the process as this:

Woman: I may be in the position to get pregnant, what do I do? (I'm having sex)
Doctor: Take this birth control pill every day.

I'm gonna ask a doctor about this and get back to this post, cuz it's quite an interesting thought... What I mean to say is that I'm not sure... Are new doctors recommending it? Are people still asking for it? Is something else suggested/recommended when women do? Cuz, as much as some ladies may be out of touch with their bodies, moreso are their doctors. Also, I am assuming this isn't the hot drug topic that receives free dinners/seminars anymore, so can't see how doctors would be up on it.

If you're looking not to get pregnant, get on the pill. Jesus, this isn't an anti-pill post.

It's just a heads up, and look what's happening and be aware of your potentially better options. Ask your doctor about IUDs!

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