Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adam's Birthday

Adam's birthday was somewhere around the 22nd of May but because of some trip or something we celebrated a few days later over a flag football game at the picture perfect Lamport stadium, with a picture perfect team.

From the endzone.

Yes, that is!

Geez Louise, I love this song, and I love Adam in shorts. They're on a platform travelling through space toward the sun and they're happy as goats!

Anyway, moving on...

Some tight defensive shots.

And some offense!

Huddle up... something we should be doing more of?

Alright, so I think we lost 4-3, but man was that a fun game. The other team was nice (we initially forgot our flags and they let us play touch football until we got them!), the weather was fucking great (Leeeet the sunshine.... great song/video right?!), and we were about to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend's birthday.

Medieval style.

I swear they made some sort of noise.

This motherfucking man is ready to motherfucking party.

Nice surprise group shot, with a heads up to the potentially escaping balloons... and, I hope you will notice everyone in hats, cuz that's what one does at 31.

mmm... just one more shot.

Afterward at the double duece.

I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time, and I wish there were more shots of the after party backroom chats, the bourbon, the PacMan quest, and the Milan appearance, but really, Claire was responsible for the shots that night, so.. you know. ;) Just kidding. Actually, Claire did us proud that night!

btw, on a small side note, Congratulations to our birthday boy who won the National Newspaper Award for Editorial Writing a few days earlier!!!

Yeah, boy is legit.

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius...

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