Friday, November 19, 2010

Anton Kuerti Albert.

In an effort to not be stuck behind a computer screen nearly 20 hours a day, Albert and I (Jesus I love the name Albert... I'm not sure why. High up there in the alphabet, nice and simple, yet complex... There's something intelligent, noble about it. There's also this amazing song:

Unfortunately it's incomplete here... like this blog post. Anyway, so yeah, Albert and I are heading to see Anton Kuerti tonight. Whatever, let me get back to Albert for a second. So, we go to this party for first year law schoolers. Not only does he make springrolls for everyone, but he plays piano for half the night! And like, not annoying piano either! Apparently I got a man crush.

Anyway, what was I saying?.. ah yes, Anton Kuerti is playing tonight, yada yada yada. Read this:

I wonder if Albert will accompany me on cello for Lawlapalooza. We could make sweet, sweet music together, me and that man....

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