Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cabaret for a Cure

The Queens Law Cancer Society once again held the Cabaret for a Cure. The Cabaret is a fun event where Queen's Law students perform dance routines choreographed by Queen's law students. There's also be a raffle at the event with several amazing prizes! All money raised from the event goes to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Yes, the above was basically ripped from the LSS newsletter. So, with the formalities out of the way, here are some pics!

Seven routines for eight bucks, including an arm length of raffle tickets for $10. Stages, the club, was Stages. There's a reason I hadn't stepped been there for 8 years. Actually, there are probably many reasons, but you know what I mean... 

Mark, a natural MC.

Rock that shit like it was Nav Can vs. the GFAA, moot partner!

Good turnout... including a packed second level. 

So, shooting indoors in varying lights may have finally convinced me to shoot RAW images, cuz the exposures were just impossible to judge from moment to moment... 

Chicks love props!

And the chicks apparently liked this too.. 
First Julia sighting!.. Take a good look, cuz she tries to disappear later... 

Exhibit A.

And B... awesome. 

That tie is disgusting. 

So, so awesome. 

Also awesome.

Beata getting her moves down for an India exchange.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your future lawyers of Canada! And all for unquestionably a great cause

Yup. Solid night. And relatively short too. Got home, and still had time for Albert to introduce me to Tower of Power (So they're playing 4 consecutive nights in Tokyo, and another 4 nights in Seattle.  Then they come to Ontario, and play: Ottawa, Kingston, Oakville, Chatham, Mississauga, St. Catherine's, and Markham; we're going to see them April 2nd at the Grand.) His suggested listening tracks: 

Mid tempo:
Mid tempo 2:
Down tempo cover:

We also discussed, amongst other things, Victor Wooten,

Bela Fleck,

and some amazing ragtime improvisation.

Oh, and this duo...

... who are two are Julliard grads that now just book gigs as a classical piano duo doing all sorts of crazy arrangements.

Yup. Solid Tuesday night.

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