Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 Boro Bike Tour!

The centrepiece of the weekend, it ended up raining the entire ride.

Click on pic to enlarge.

So yeah, absolutely wonderful ride, but really, really wet. I was planning to start at 6:30am, but didn't get up until 8, which turned out perfect. I didn't receive my tour jersey in the mail (must have gone to the other house) so I had to bike down to Battery park and the start of the ride to register properly. Getting down there at 8:30am had the unfortunate result of having approximately 30,000 people riding in front of me. And yeah, not really ride, but more standing around on Broadway, all jammed up. After about 5 minutes, I realized that what I was doing was stupid (it sometimes takes a while to click in) and jumped on my bike to ride up East Broadway. After some good fast riding I caught up to the tour around 3rd or 4th street where the traffic was finally flowing.

You can see the route in the map above and the pictures below.

The highway in Brooklyn was the worst part; nothing to see for a few miles and poor roads. Also, very exposed to the weather.

mmmm... so wet.

After a hot shower back at Milan's, we met up with Amy-Claire for some dinner at Caracas, an arepas / tapas restaurant. We had some kick ass pulled pork, avocado chicken, chorizo, and micheladas. We then proceeded to down a Mass of Aventinus on the covered patio outside Zum Schneider, where they were celebrating something or other with a roast pig. After a short walk through a few parks (the weather did clear for a bit), I left Darko and AC to go to the Seeger 90 concert at MSG (where I collected a souvenir glass), which was fantastic and worth the trip in its own right. Baez, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger, among a mountain of others, all on one stage at several points. Concert ended around 10:30, and met up again with the crew at Great Jones for some live music, excellent chili, jambalaya and gumbo... all sampled and really delicious!

Yeah, and then we went home and I passed out.

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