Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Central Park Moonlight Ride

I ended up taking over 200 pictures as I knew most wouldn't turn out. A surprising number did, and on top of that it was a great experience! Meeting at Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park), Hanna(h) led the ride through the park starting at 10:15pm and ending around 11:45pm, with a short break in there as the group waited out a quick tire change. The ride has been going on now for about 14 years(!) and goes down on the first Friday of every month all year around. Definitely worth it. More pics:

Riding back down to Clinton and Houston from the park was an incredible experience as well. I felt like I was running with the bulls... the way the lights are staggered you can catch a bunch, always racing and pushing for road space with cabs zipping behind, in front and by... Fantastic city to ride in.

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